Golf Cart Insurance

Do you drive your golf cart into your laundry room, pack up all the clean clothes and drive it back to your bedroom to fold? We didn't think so. Then why insure it with a policy meant for your home?

Don't let your fun get cut short because you didn't get the right coverage for your convenient ride. Your homeowners or auto policy probably won't adequately cover your golf cart. Western Star can help you choose the Foremost coverages you want for your golf cart.

We've got you covered:

  • Annual Policies. If there's a beautiful sunny day, you don't want to miss it. No calls, no hassle—with our annual policy your golf cart is insured even in the "off-season."
  • Medical Payments Coverage. Hopefully never needed, but always important, this coverage pays for the necessary medical care you receive as a result of a golf cart accident.
  • Liability Coverage. This broad coverage is meant for accidents involving your golf cart (the coverage is for third-party injuries and property damage).
  • Increased Limits. You can choose the limits that you want on your liability.
  • Collision Coverage. Regardless of who is at fault, this covers your golf cart in the event of damage caused by collision with other vehicles and trees or utility poles.
  • Other than Collision Coverage. Provides coverage for out of the ordinary damages, such as fire, theft, flood or vandalism.

Does Foremost insure you?

Golf carts are a great way to get around, and it seems that new models are introduced every week.

Foremost has a specialized program to cover these vehicles and give you the important coverages you may not be able to find elsewhere. Let Western Star help you choose the Foremost coverages you want for your golf cart.

You Choose!

Foremost offers flexible payment plans, including pay online, by mail or electronic funds transfer. Keep in mind that higher deductibles can help lower the cost of your premium.

Trusting your golf cart to a homeowners policy may bring you an unpleasant surprise at claim time. That's why we are here to tell you that a Foremost Golf Cart policy, beyond your homeowners policy, can cover you so the fun can continue.

What If? No Insurance/Added to a Homeowners Policy Foremost Golf Cart policy
What if I am in an accident on my golf cart and incur medical costs for myself? With a typical homeowners policy, your medical costs would not be covered. You would pay for all medical bills out of your own pocket. Foremost offers medical payments coverage, which will typically pay your medical costs, up front.
What if I'm driving down the road and my golf cart slides off my trailer? Wave it goodbye as it slides down the road. Your typical homeowners policy may not cover this loss. Say hello to a comparable replacement. With a Foremost golf cart policy, your ride may be replaced or repaired.
What if my golf cart is stolen? This may not be covered by a typical homeowners policy. You could be replacing your golf cart yourself. A Foremost golf cart policy could typically cover a full replacement.
What if I injure someone with my golf cart? A typical homeowners policy may not cover any medical costs; you could be financially responsible for the costs! A Foremost golf cart policy typically could cover most of the costs incurred, saving you money.

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Program Info: Foremost insures golf carts as part of the Off-Road Vehicle Program.

Availability: Foremost Golf Cart Insurance is available only in the United States and in all states except Hawaii, North Carolina and the District of Columbia. Please note that coverages and coverage amounts vary by state and all coverage may not be available in all areas.

About the coverages described on this site: Your insurance contract is contained only in your policy, not in this website. Your insurance protection may vary from the coverages described here, depending on the standard coverages included in your policy and the optional coverages you purchase. Credit is used in most states for underwriting or rating as allowed by state law.

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